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We quickly transform complex data into clear visualizations, giving you a trusted basis for decision-making. BDC is the partner for all your data challenges. Speed and integration are our strengths. Let BDC guide you to data-driven success!

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Analyze your data!

We deliver high-quality data analytics that help you make smart strategic decisions and discover the power of your data.


Check your data!

In-depth insights into the broad spectrum of artificial intelligence, with a special focus on responsible AI.


Organize your data!

Are you missing out on opportunities due to inadequate data management? Improving your data management with our Data Governance framework ensures trust. De Dates Governance BDC's approach ensures that your dates gets good organized!


Have your data managed!

We offer comprehensive data management solutions so that your business runs smoothly without having to worry about the complexity of data infrastructure. Rely on our expertise for reliable and efficient management of your valuable data.


Understand your data!

Discover why investing in data literacy not only empowers your employees, but also strengthens your company's competitive position in a world with more and more data!


Learn to work with data!

Dive into the world of Data with our Business Data Challengers Academy! Receive access to high-quality programs and develop yourself into a true expert in data!

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    Our areas of expertise

    Structuring and transforming data

    We help customers improve their services by (re)structuring and transforming data. Through data virtualization, Cloud and database technologies, we convert both new and existing data into valuable information.

    Actionable insights and predictive power
    Through smart analyzes based on data collections, we provide useful insights that help customers gain predictive power from their data. This makes a significant contribution to current issues and future ambitions.
    Interactive dashboards and appropriate visualizations
    Discover the power of clear insights! Let us transform your valuable data into vibrant reports. We use smart data collections to build interactive dashboards and stunning visualizations. One push of a button for a world of clear data!
    Business Intelligence and analytics architecture

    We create added value for the customer by innovatively and interactively designing a Business Intelligence and Analytics Architecture that meets the customer's needs. This offers significant benefits in terms of data quality, scalability, speed and flexibility.

    Data Governance

    As BDC, we see that many organizations recognize that good quality data is important “asset” are. Business processes can be improved with the help of data. In our approach we look at the Dates Governance issues of your organization. Discover more via the button below! 

    Cases we are proud of

    Challengers bezig met loopanalyse BVO

    In-house designed methodology for running analysis at BVOs

    Our Challenger Timo has developed his own methodology for running analysis (using a Python script). This running analysis has been tested on “high potential” youth players at a professional football organization (BVO). And this test passed successfully! More professional football organizations (BVO) will follow in the near future, as will certainly other sports. 

    Why customers choose us


    Team Carintreggeland

    'With BDC we have a partner where the relationship means more than working together and delivering value. BDC takes care of us in the field of BI.'


    Wesley Flaman

    'We are very satisfied with BDC's approach and professionalism and have enjoyed the flawless collaboration.'

    Tom Coronel Racing Team

    Tom Coronel

    'Business Data Challengers supports the data about the car, the track and myself to continuously improve my performance.'

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    Curious about what BDC can do for your organization? We are happy to assist you. Contact us via the button below!

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