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Welcome to our Software Trainings page, where we offer an extensive range of high-quality training courses to strengthen your digital skills and increase your software knowledge. 

Software training

Qlik Sense Business Analyst

Create cool dashboards in Qlik Sense

Learn how to create your own dashboards and analyzes using Qlik Sense. You will learn to load simple datasets, perform analyzes and use Qlik's powerful associative model. During our two-day training you will be provided with all the basic skills needed to design and develop your own dashboards in Qlik Sense. Also discover how to effectively share your new insights with colleagues and turn data into a valuable tool for strategic decision-making.


Qlik Sense: Get more from your data insights

Discover the essence of analytics in Qlik Sense and unleash the power of data for informed, data-informed decision making. In our training you will not only learn the basic skills to analyze effectively in Qlik Sense, but also how to apply these insights to support strategic decisions. Increase your analytical skills and get the most out of Qlik Sense, making a valuable contribution to the success of your organization

Power BI Reporting and data analysis

Power BI Essentials: 2 weeks data training

In our 2-week basic training 'Power BI: Self-reporting and Data Analysis' we cover various aspects of data analysis. Learn everything from data access and profiling to insight sharing and advanced analytics. Each week you will discover new concepts, building deep understanding. Receive challenging assignments to apply your knowledge in realistic situations and make an impact in your organization.


Dimensional Modeling: Power Up Your Data Skills

In this training we explore hands-on modeling of a Dimensional Model, or 'star model.' By categorizing data into facts and dimensions, you create a clear model that fits your business processes. This standard practice in Business Intelligence is essential for tools like Power BI, ensuring efficient modeling decisions in your daily analysis tasks.


DAX Fundamentals: Master the Basics of Power BI in One Day!

In the training “DAX for Power BI level 1 – Foundations” you will learn a solid foundation of the DAX language within Power BI in one day. We discuss everything you need to take your first steps in DAX and introduce you to all kinds of useful features. You will also learn where you can find more information and which useful tools you can use to keep your DAX organized.


Power BI Management training: Excel in Power BI Governance

This training focuses on effectively managing a Power BI environment, including aspects such as security, governance, privacy, data quality and metadata. We cover configuration features and best practices, with a special focus on continuous monitoring and the use of activity logs to ensure that reports and analyzes remain of high quality.

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