From creating simple reports to developing smart algorithms and professionally setting up complete data warehouses at Business Data Challengers, we go further than just data and information management. We are your partner for issues in the field of Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Engineering and Data Science. Let us guide you to data-driven success!

Quote over data. Data Analytics is the furture, and the furture is data.

For many years we have been making a difference

At Business Data Challengers, we are committed to making organizations smarter and supporting leading companies in making better decisions. Our Challengers are located across the country, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to our valued clients.

We believe that the explosive growth of data is profoundly transforming the rapidly evolving world. What is seen as an opportunity today becomes an absolute necessity tomorrow.

At BDC, everything revolves around the commitment of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers. No hierarchy, no rigid processes; that's what makes us unique from traditional organizations." That's the BDC way of working.

Our core values

We believe in creating added value for our clients through a structure of cooperation and service.

  • Equivalence
  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Common understanding
  • Flexibility
  • Regional and self-organizing teams

The Why, How & What of Business Data Challengers


At Business Data Challengers we strive to make organizations agile in a rapidly changing world, where the amount of data continues to grow explosively. Together with our customers, we develop data-driven services to respond to this dynamic environment.


We make clear agreements and provide value recognition and maximum support to our clients and our Challengers. We use simple processes, work with self-organizing teams without hierarchy and create trust from a common understanding.


We bring the right people together and take responsibility for our services by deploying specialised Professionals and Managed services in Data, Analytics, Presentation, Business Intelligence and Analytics Architecture.

Also something for your organization?

Is there a data issue that you would like to solve with us?
We are happy to think along.

Socially engaged

Business Data Challengers applies social involvement in the broadest sense of the word. Not only towards our employees and customers, but also towards the environment in which we work and live every day. We support local associations and foundations in which our colleagues are involved, as well as global initiatives.

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