Discover your full potential with assessments at the individual and organizational level.

Why should you do an assessment? On a personal level, it provides insight into your strengths and areas of growth, while helping organizations get the best out of their teams. Targeted development and effective communication creates a culture of collaboration and success. In a rapidly changing world, assessments are the key to self-development and business growth. Discover the benefits and gain insight into the development of individuals, both on a personal level and within your organization.

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Discover your potential and development points in the field of Data Literacy.

At our academy we believe that Data Literacy is not a universal concept. It varies based on roles and skill levels. Whether you're new to Data Literacy or have more experience, we provide a simple assessment to measure your core skills and thinking.


Develop your organization's understanding with our Data Literacy assessments.

If you would like to assess your organization's level of Data Literacy Maturity, there are two clear paths available. First, you can embark on a quick yet insightful journey with our quick, 16-question assessment to determine the current state of your company's data literacy.

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