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Discover and develop crucial skills with the BDC Academy. Within our Academy we offer an extensive range of training courses, aimed at performing data analysis to strategic implementation.

Learn, create, excel with the BDC Academy

Discover the power of data literacy and data visualization through the BDC Academy. Discover your personal Data Persona and receive tailor-made advice (also for your organization). Learn to build data models, charts and dashboards for analysis in various domains such as business data and user statistics. Our training courses help transform raw data into valuable insights, with an emphasis on data-driven decisions. Choose from our online courses, classroom training and personal advice for the right skills and knowledge. Find out today how we can help you improve your data skills.

What makes us unique?

Step into our world of groundbreaking interactive training at the BDC Academy. Here you will not only discover a wealth of learning experiences, but also a place where innovation and growth come together. Our expert tutors are ready to help and guide you, supported by advanced learning tools that help you understand, remember and apply what you learn. We believe in unlocking your full potential, and here at the BDC Academy we strive to provide not just knowledge, but the skills to put that knowledge into practice. Come in and start your journey to personal and professional growth today!



Optimize Personal and Organizational Growth with our Data Literacy Assessments 

Data Escape Room

Data Escape Room

Subconsciously increase your understanding of Data Informed Decisions!

Data literacy trainingen

Data Literacy Trainings

Discover our Data Literacy Trainings for developing a Data Literate Workforce.

Software trainingen

Software Trainings

Develop your skills with the right tools and increase your expertise in working with data!

Challenger Angelika Klidas is co-author of the book "Data Literacy in Practice"


Meet our trainers

Angelika Klidas

Angelika Klidas

Challenger op de foto Hetty Wessel-Smit

Hetty Wessel-Smit


Edwin van Hoogwaarden

Annelien van der Heide

Challenger op de foto Bassam Shoukri

Bassam Shoukri

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