Social awareness

“Participate and be interested in society”

Business Data Challengers applies social involvement in the broadest sense of the word. Not only towards our colleagues and customers, but also towards the environment in which we work and live every day. We support local associations and foundations with which our colleagues are involved, but also global initiatives such as the International Justice Mission.

On this Socials page we have highlighted a number of our social activities.

Our social activities include: consultancy and presentations, volunteer work, sponsorship and financial contributions, but also sporting activities and team building events.

International Justice Mission

An important principle in the business operations of Business Data Challengers is reducing travel time and CO2 emissions. In addition, we find a culture fit with our customers very important. That is precisely why Business Data Challengers serves its customers from autonomous, regional teams. We also implement our social involvement from this perspective. We feel committed to organizations that choose from the right conviction to tackle problems regionally and with local representatives.

Although we do not operate globally, we choose to support the International Justice Mission (IJM). A non-profit organization that uses the principle of solving contemporary slavery from regional field offices, in collaboration with local authorities.
IJM is the largest organization in the world in the fight against slavery. In countries such as India, the Philippines, Ghana and Cambodia, IJM fights against forced labor, human trafficking for the sex industry and the abuse of children for cybersex. IJM is committed to:

  • To free slaves
  • To have perpetrators brought to justice
  • Restore lives of liberated victims
  • To structurally change societies

With our knowledge and experience, Business Data Challengers supports IJM in providing insight into data. This provides IJM with information that contributes to the development of activities to recruit more members and sponsors.

Wondering if you can help too? Then go to the International Justice Mission website

Hockey club Hattem


During the summer holidays of 1952, a group of children played in the Hattem woods, meanwhile listening to the match report of the Helsinki Olympic Games. They decided to organize their own Games. They jumped high, ran and played hockey with branches they found in the forest and a ball made from elastic bands. The children became so enthusiastic that they decided to start a hockey club. The eldest of sixteen, Rudolf Suermondt, became chairman and under his leadership more and more members were recruited. And so a place had to be found to train and play matches. That became a place known as the Hazenakker, because it was teeming with hares and rabbits. Reason enough to design a logo with a hare.

Football club Voorvoord Utrecht

Club song:

Comes Forward members have taken office,
Hold high the green and black flag,
When a match is being fought,
And victory awaits us.
Come forward men: on to the field,
Keep your eye on the ball!
This is how we keep the Voorvoord flag high.

When the referee whistles to start,
Then follows a loud hurray!
A competition is about to unfold,
And victory soon follows,
Come forward men: on to the field,
Keep your eye on the ball!
This is how we keep the Forward flag high!

Handball club Nieuwegein


Handball Club Nieuwegein was founded on September 26, 1976. The association was founded at the time by a number of enthusiastic handball enthusiasts and started under the name HVN. On July 1, 1989, the association merged with the Attila Handball Association, which emerged from the Attila sports association, founded on October 6, 1896. Attila was a handball stronghold from Utrecht with a long history. The merged association continued under the name HVN/Attila.
In the period from 1991 to 2003, the Van Riet company enthusiastically committed itself to our association through main sponsorship. During this period, the name of the association was changed to Handball Association Van Riet/Nieuwegein.
In 2006, the first Men's team was promoted to the Eredivisie, followed by the first Women's team in the Eredivisie in 2007. The Men were relegated to the 1st division after 4 seasons and the Women were relegated to the 1st division after 5 seasons.

Almere Hockey Club

The founding:

The Almeerse Hockey Club was founded on October 23, 1979 and has grown steadily since then, both in terms of membership and performance. The club has more than 1,350 members, making it one of the largest sports clubs in Almere. We strive for a successful combination of top, performance and recreational sports. Every week, 14 senior teams and 93 youth teams train and play on the Almere fields.

The performance of our teams speaks for itself in recent years. The club relies on its own strengths and trains our players itself. By investing in the quality of our trainers and supervisors, the contribution of the many volunteers and parents and fantastic accommodation with four water fields and three sand fields, the Almeerse is a unique place in our young city to enjoy playing hockey.
De Almeerse is a club for everyone. For top athletes, performance players and general athletes. Our starting point is hockey, where everyone can perform at his or her level.

Porsche racing

Many of the colleagues are racing fans. An important reason for BDC to sponsor this Porsche and have it available for joint team building activities. This has partly contributed to the fact that there is an F1 simulator in the BDC fun corner at the office in Abcoude.

Cycling club De Kopgroep


Cycling club De Kopgroep originated on the Canary Islands. The beautiful mountainous landscape was tough, but it was also thoroughly enjoyed. At that time, a leading group was formed and thus cycling club De Kopgroep was created.

BDC CO2 certificate

Business Data Challengers pursues an active policy for a CO2-neutral fleet. With sustainable mobility we contribute to a cleaner world.

Business Data Challengers is completely CO2 neutral, we compensate our CO2 emissions. We also encourage the use of public transport and work from regional teams to limit the number of car kilometers.

We continuously make our business operations more sustainable and encourage our partners to follow our example. The ultimate result is a positive impact on our living environment.

Plastic fishing

At Business Data Challengers we are aware of the major problem with plastic waste.

We are also taking up this Challenge. On September 26, 2019 we fished plastic from the Amsterdam canals. But ohFor example, our Business Data Challengers also use sustainable drinking bottles instead of single-use plastic cups.

We like to make an active contribution, our drinking bottles and fishing for plastic in Amsterdam are examples of this.

Also #teamwork!


BDC is developing a collaboration with IONIQA.IONIQA recycles all types of PET, even colored PET. This was not possible until now, IONIQA's technology is truly groundbreaking. But there is more positive news. The pure raw material that is produced is identical to the plastics produced from oil; even suitable for food packaging. How? Simply put, the method we use is called depolymerization. The plastic, also called polymer, is immersed in a solution, such as water or glycol. The molecular structure of the polymer, which consists of identical units (the monomers), then slowly begins to dissolve. With the raw material we harvest, we produce new, clear PET bottles that are food safe.

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