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Data, that's the passion of our Challengers. Discover BI Consulting, Services & Solutions with Business Data Challengers. Starting with a simple report to transforming your business into a fully data-driven organization. We love taking the Challenge to get value out of your data. You too? 

Answer to every question

Business Data Challengers supports companies with their Business Intelligence and Data issues that arise from the necessary steps towards a data-driven organization.

From regionally self-organizing expertise centers, we serve clients different business models: BI Consulting, Services & Solutions.

With a team of more than 40 consultants in various industries, we have been working for more than 50 organizations for many years. At Business Data Challengers, sustainable customer relationships are very important. With these thoughts in mind, many of our customers work with us for a long time.


Why our clients choose BDC


Team Carintreggeland

'With BDC we have a partner where the relationship means more than working together and delivering value. BDC takes care of us in the field of BI.'


Wesley Flaman

'We are very satisfied with BDC's approach and professionalism and enjoy the flawless collaboration.'

Tom Coronel Racing Team

Tom Coronel

'Business Data Challengers supports the data about the car, the track and myself to continuously improve my performance.'

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Cases we are proud of

Data Health Scan oplossing tijdens Covid-19

Capacity matching and planning healthcare institutions

During the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and its direct impact on employees and clients within healthcare facilities, Business Data Challengers developed a data-driven solution to have all the tools in place at the human resources level to adequately respond to deployment of healthcare employees.

Data Health Case

Because healthcare organizations are not glorified IT organizations, optimal automation, streamlining of processes and complete embrace of the employee should be the goal. By focusing on the employee and client or patient, the ultimate goals to be achieved almost always have a positive effect on employee and client or patient. Find out how we achieved this objective for multiple healthcare organizations, read on via the button below!

Our partner

Cyber Security Challengers (CSC) is an independent cybersecurity expert and service provider. CSC provides insight into the security of your valuable data and systems. We make cybersecurity tangible, measurable and manageable across the axes of organization, people and technology.

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