BDC is developing a system for managing the deployment of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis

Healthcare institutions face a challenge in the field of capacity matching and planning. The need to quickly and easily match supply and demand of available healthcare workers is great. At the same time, it is very complex to deploy professionals in the right place based on qualifications, knowledge and skills.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and the direct consequences for employees and clients, Business Data Challengers has developed a data-based solution to have all the personnel tools at hand to adequately respond to the deployment of healthcare employees.


By Niels Aarts

In this blog I provide a brief explanation of the approach and describe how the desired insight for healthcare institutions is achieved

Due to the measures surrounding the COVID-19 virus, the mechanism (linking data to create insights) is developed remotely in close consultation with the client's customer team.

Our Agile approach offers an incremental delivery strategy. This methodology guarantees that a working (partial) product is delivered quickly. A solution that offers direct benefit to the healthcare organization and provides the opportunity to manage on the most important capacity indicators.

A concrete example is that the solution provides insight into capacity demand and capacity supply across teams, locations and departments. This insight makes it possible to fill any gaps in the planning with available healthcare employees from other departments, temporary employees, temporary employees or employees from support departments (with a healthcare background).

Our solution consists of:


  • A number of clear dashboards that directly meet the needs of clients;
  • By comparing the schedules and plans and determining the number of available or required hours (with variables, functions, roles and authorities), adequate adjustments can be made;
  • Dashboards are offered as standard based on the existing organizational structure, making adjustments possible at various layers;
  • Those involved (down to location level) have access to this important information;
  • Refreshment takes place at a frequency desired by the client;

Depending on the available source data and the existing BI environment, the intelligence is built into an existing environment or newly developed in the client's desired technology.

Example Reports

The examples below show only a small part of the total solution. In any case, the total solution ensures that insight is provided at all levels of the organization (including division, region and location level). We deliberately show a schedule and planning example; In our opinion, this is a first introduction to our ideas on how we can properly support a healthcare institution very quickly.

Capacity dashboard example 1

Specific page regarding absenteeism of employees and locations

Capacity dashboard example 2

Specific page regarding actual and predicted absenteeism percentage and insights into sick and available employees (filtering at the entire organization level is possible and specific location and employee lists are included below as a link)

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