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Marcel van de Kamp - Business Data Challengers

Marcel van de Kamp

“BDC stands for converting data into valuable information, where visualizing that data and information is an important but often neglected step. At BDC I have been given the freedom to develop training and share my knowledge in visualizing data using web technologies D3.js and React.js, and to do what I really like!”     /marcelk1988/ /

Hetty Wessel-Smit

“I have a passion for data and how they can say something about the state of an organization. As a data scientist, I work both technically and statistically at sometimes a very detailed level, but always with the aim of helping the organization understand where it could be improved. I keep both my technical and organizational skills sharp. I am a real gamma person, I love thinking outside the box to gain new insights, especially in the innovative projects and research we have underway in the field of image processing and text mining.

At BDC I can develop and express myself. I get the opportunity to break down boundaries and not stop at what people think is possible. The combination of working as a consultant and working with universities on new developments is ideal for me.”     /hetty-wessel-smith/

Busoness Data Challengers - Milou van der Plasse

Milou van der Plasse

“I have been working for BDC since April 2020 and am responsible for sales. Despite the corona period, they have shown me how pleasant it is to work for this organization. There are short lines, flexible working hours and very pleasant colleagues! Everyone benefits here, because we respect everyone and let them do what we are good at. Together we always go further and that is what we stand for, both for our colleagues and our customers!”     /milouvanderplasse/

Business Data Challengers - Edwin van Hoogwaarden

Edwin van Hoogwaarden

“Business Data Challengers is a group of professional and driven colleagues who work in the interests of their customers. The unique organization, based on trust, freedom and responsibility, provides a lot of energy in the group. This way I find the space to optimally advise my customers on the design of their information provision. Together with colleagues, we expand our knowledge and experience and share it by meeting regularly. In this way we grow as a group, a group that I enjoy being part of.”     /edwin-van-hoogwaarden/

Business Data Challengers - Werner Baars

Werner Baars

“After working for several IT service providers for many years, I will be working at Business Data Challengers as of September 1, 2020. The reason for my switch is BDC's philosophy and working method. There is an open culture with professional colleagues where responsibility for one's own work is self-evident. That is why I feel very much at home at BDC and I enjoy working as a BI professional on data-driven solutions for various clients.”     /wernerperch/

Onze challengers - Tom van Dijk

Tom van Dijk

“Professionalism and drive are the characteristics of the people who work at Business Data Challengers. We work together in a relaxed atmosphere to find the best solutions for the customer and learn from each other. Sharing knowledge is a given and we therefore meet regularly for presentations and knowledge sessions about our field. Of course, the fun things are also not avoided and that is why we are a close-knit group of people who like to go the extra mile for each other and of course the customer.”     /tom-van-dijk/

Christiaan Heersink

“I came to work at BDC because it is an organization where enthusiastic colleagues work in the field of Business Intelligence. In terms of scale, it is all still clear. You see colleagues regularly, which makes it easy to build a network. There are no bureaucratic procedures that characterize the larger players on the market. The lines are short. All in all, an environment in which I can really focus on my passion again, namely testing Business Intelligence applications.”     /christiaan-heersink/

Coen Hordijk

“Business intelligence has been my passion for many years. BDC has a lot of this experience and passion, which allows us to serve our customers excellently. Due to the minimal overhead at BDC, most energy can also be invested in this passion. What a relief that is for both the customer and for me and my colleagues, compared to my previous IT service providers.”      /coenhordijk/

Jan van der Meer

“Putting customers and employees first. That's what Business Data Challengers is all about. Every colleague is given the space to work autonomously. We do not know hierarchy. That makes us unique compared to traditional organizations. Act in the interests of the customer and according to our own standards and values. This is how we keep our customers satisfied and our Challengers remain intrinsically motivated. Pride!"       /janvdmeer1985/

Markus Edelmann

“An organization that is self-organizing and flat. Where the individual is central and you can develop yourself within broad frameworks. Where space is available as standard to create possibilities and develop them together. That is the beautiful and challenging environment in which I feel at home.”       /markus-edelmann-3329611/

Jouke Hovingh

“My passion lies in combining and transforming data into information, so that it contributes to the decision-making process of organizations. At Business Data Challengers I find an environment and colleagues who challenge me and where I can develop further.”       /jouke-hovingh-855a2a18/
Business Intelligence man


Sebastian van Holland

“Proud of Business Data Challengers! Autonomy, equality, mandate and transparency. A platform in which shared knowledge, experience, relationships and trust come together. This way, every colleague has the space to really develop in a vibrant and challenging environment.”       /from Holland/

Denis Mesic

“Growing together, working with like-minded professionals and creating data-driven solutions that matter together with our customers!
At the same time no hassle, a lot of freedom but also a lot of responsibility. That's what makes working at Business Data Challengers fun.

My passion for distilling information from data, visualizing information in a clear and understandable manner and achieving that one “WOW” effect fits very well with the mission of Business Data Challengers.
When I tell other people how we have organized everything, I often hear “Wow, what a special company!”       /denis-mesic/

Bassam Shoukri

“Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly”

At BDC we have the wind that allows us to fly high to achieve our goals, develop ourselves and be successful in our work. A special company with a special philosophy where we have the freedom to do what we like and support each other, then success will come naturally.       /bassam-shoukri/

Marten Peninga

“I enjoy working on data-driven solutions. From idea to business process and from Data Foundation to Data Science. BDC offers a unique environment that always gives me new energy. The autonomy and agility combined with professional action and daring to dream helps ourselves and our customers continue to move forward!”       /marten-penninga/

Bart op het Veld

“I work at Business Data Challengers because of the professionalism of the colleagues and the open culture where freedom and responsibility for your own work and development are paramount. No 9 to 5 culture, but achieving results together based on cooperation and results-oriented. That fits in with how I want to work as a BI professional.”       /bart-on-the-field/

Niels Aarts

“My goal is always to make organizations (more) data/information driven; Because data (and ultimately the accuracy of information) is a potential gold mine, this can almost always lead to better and more successfully operating organizations. Based on this principle, I am the founder of and responsible for the technical and organizational implementation of an organization-wide management information environment at the Amarant Group.”       /nielsaarts/

Lune de Cloo

“I started at Zorggroep Alliade in Heerenveen via Business Data Challengers on July 1, 2019, where I mainly focus on managing and developing ETL processes. Unlocking data and converting it into information that an organization can rely on is my passion. Equality, trust and responsibility are core values that I attach great importance to. I chose BDC because it is a flat organization where experienced colleagues enjoy working on data-driven solutions.”       /lune-du-cloo/



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