Royal Smilde

A leading manufacturer of various food products, founded in 1863. With customers from more than 50 countries worldwide, the family business from Heerenveen has now grown into a major player on the international market. Royal Smilde offers more than 1000 edibles products. The range of foods varies from basic products, such as oils and baking mixes, to ready-made sauces and salads. It is precisely this diversity that is the strength of the company. The combination of knowledge and quality results in distinctive concepts and offers plenty of room for innovation.

The challenge

Previously, Royal Smilde obtained necessary information from a data warehouse (DWH), which ran on an outdated Oracle platform (Oracle Warehouse Builder). In addition, the organization complained that the existing software (OWB) no longer supported the business goals and the business operations could not be strategically aligned with the continuously changing market. Business Data Challengers (BDC) has taken up the challenge to design and set up a future-proof data warehouse for Royal Smilde based on BDC-GRIP.

The Inspiration

Data flows are easily developed, executed and managed using BDC-GRIP. A complete data warehouse will be created in a short time and the old environment will be phased out. After the smooth migration and implementation, the new DWH is then fully available to the company.

The Elaboration

BDC-GRIP has been installed on the existing infrastructure for Royal Smilde. The outdated Oracle Warehouse Builder software was phased out and all existing data from Royal Smilde was migrated to BDC-GRIP. The new BDC-GRIP data warehouse was implemented and expanded with additional sources within 30 hours. Complex calculations within the reporting software are therefore a thing of the past. Not only the turnaround time for loading the entire DWH has improved enormously, but the reports on the end user's screen are also available many times faster. This solution also enables quick and easy access to (new) sources.

The result

Migration and Implementation: Within 40 hours

License fees – 50%

Charging time DWH: 5 hours > 30 min.

Loading time reports: 45 min. > 20 sec.

The Added Value

Thanks to the implementation of BDC-GRIP, Royal Smilde is able to make strategic choices based on data-driven facts. Combined with even more source connections and smart ways to process this data, the company is assured of a development that matches its ambition.

“This expansion of knowledge then results in distinctive concepts and offers room for innovation.”

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