Our Challenger Timo shares his experiences about the unique working environment that BDC has to offer!

Timo shares his experiences about the unique working environment that BDC has to offer. Read on to find out why he is so excited about his move to Business Data Challengers.

Timo is happy to explain why he is so very happy with the switch to this wonderful club. ''Before I joined BDC, I had an informal conversation with Hans at the BDC office in Abcoude. Just have a cup of coffee and exchange some information. Hans explained BDC's vision and working method."

Aspects of the unique working environment

– Autonomy: taking control to develop yourself

– Connection: an annual trip abroad, a chic dinner with partners, and a bimonthly knowledge session / fun activity with colleagues

– Competence: plenty of opportunities to take courses, colleagues with a lot of in-house knowledge in all kinds of BI areas such as Azure, ETL processes, Power BI, Python, R, etc.

– Possibility to join the AI/data science club within BDC to work a number of hours per week on challenging projects

– No leave/holiday/sickness registration

– Open, honest and transparent working environment: if there is an issue, we speak to each other about it and discuss it directly, no formal hassle.

– There is no pressure to take on a specific job

The above sounds almost too good to be true, but they all came true. That is why I am in such a good place at BDC. Below is the outcome for each point mentioned above.

– Autonomy: I have made a lot of progress in working with Power BI and Python. I have taken many courses and taken on projects and jobs.

– Connection: we went to Lisbon with all our colleagues for four days. This was really fantastic! I also shot at a shooting range and we went skydiving.

– Competence: through various courses and with the help of the knowledge of various BDC colleagues, my competence level in various BI areas, and in particular that of Power BI and Python, has increased significantly.

– We are working with the data science club to develop an app in which running technique can be automatically analyzed using pose estimation techniques. We work together with a professional football organization and major league hockey club Pinoké.

– I don't need to explain the last three points: this simply came true, says Timo.

''In my previous life as a scientist, I read piles of literature about which factors are important for good work performance and a good working environment. I can say that this is perfectly fine with my current employer BDC.

Finally, and not unimportant to mention, is that I have a fun and challenging job for the Municipality of Assen, where I am part of a fine group of competent colleagues who are committed to realizing the energy transition tasks that the municipality has set for itself. stated''

Do you also want to be part of a working environment that offers everything? Business Data Challengers is ready to stimulate your professional growth, support your autonomy and connect you with a great team of experts. Discover the opportunities to increase your competencies, take on exciting projects and work in an open and fun atmosphere.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our website quickly https://www.businessdatachallengers.nl/contact/ and join our team of Challengers and create the future of data analytics and business intelligence with us!

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